Thursday, March 12, 2009

50 Cent Breakfast

Many local Farm Bureau groups are hosting a 50 cent breakfast this time of the year.

Clinton County Farm Bureau will be having their's next week. This is to show what a good breakfast really costs in many parts of America.

You can crack an egg and enjoy it with a piece of toast for pennies on the dollar. That may be all you get with some "free breakfasts" while staying at a motel. More likely you will get a pastry and coffee or maybe a bowl of cereal and some milk.

Neither is anything like you will find in the picture of Nancy's famous breakfasts at her Aleksander House Inn in old downtown Louisville, Ky. I have introduced several of my friends to her cooking and southern hospitality over the last ten years.

The "50 cent breakfast" was started by farmers to show their neighbors how inexpensive food really is in our country and I am sure many other countries. Farm Bureau has the most members of any farm organization so it was a natural for them to latch on to the idea.

These events usually fall before Tax Day when you earn enough money to pay your taxes or when you earn enough money to pay your yearly food bill starting with January 1 and no other expenses figured.

That happens to come sometime before the Spring Equinox on March 21 when we also recognize National Agriculture Week and salute our great agricultural industry. I have been involved in all of these activites sometime over my lifetime to help show how good we have it even when things seem not so good.

I am being too scientific here, you could have them any time of the year but spring works well before farmers hit the fields and neighbors start enjoying the warmer weather their way.

Take the time to attend your county ag breakfast or "50 cent breakfast" as it is known here. It is a good time to talk to your neighbors and remember how good we still have it.

We really have it good in this country even considering all of our self inflicted woes and problems. Food is so cheap and plentiful that obesity is larger problem than starvation but we do have both.

"Moderation in everything" and breakfast is a key way to modify your diet. Every health survey I see asks if you eat breakfast regularly or not. I found out "if not", you are eating too much before bedtime.

I can't wait to challenge my moderation Wednesday and it will be difficult just like Nancy's breakfast!


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