Saturday, March 28, 2009

My Reply

I thought I better get my letter written this morning while I had time after posting my last blog. I stated what I think and believe. You could get a lot more specific about the ruling but I kept mine general, focusing on the main reason why this ruling is even being open for comment.

I got an email back saying the fellow in charge was out of the office and to send your comments here.

If you are submitting comments for regulations please send them to If this email is part of a distribution list please remove my email address from it. My new email address at the Forest Service is Thank you and have a nice day.....

Looks like he got promoted or demoted to the Forest Service!

Dear Sir,

I am not sure how to reply but I can tell you farmers are itchy about all the information we have to give now for our piddly payments.

I have taught school or worked in Extension all my life to get my dream to farm. Now that I am here, I was quite taken back when I signed up for the Farm Program last week and the USDA worker brought out this three page questionnaire about my engagement in farming.

She said if you don't answer this correctly you won't be eligible for program payments. So I took my time to answer honestly and completely.

She basically asked questions that had no implications to my income or operation. I had to think who could answer this without their tax records in front of them. I had studied my answers so I knew how to reply.

The big point here is that government is too large compared to the average citizen. That makes for a big disconnect between us.

I am for any changes that helps the little guy succeed and makes the big guy pay his dues fairly.

How we arrive at that is a big discussion for debate.

Agriculture has no one voice to represent us so we are at the mercy of people who don't understand what we do.

We are the backbone of the country and its economy but we are given a pittance for it compared to other entities who are treated as being more important.

USDA is even a misnomer as most of your budget is a food program not a food producing program.

It is past time we should straighten this out. I see no effort to address this problem on the horizon, just more regulation for dollars most farmers would gladly give up to get out of the regulations.

The trips to the FSA office are like going to the doctor. We don't want to go but we can't afford not to gain a few more dollars we deserve for our farming operations.


Ed Winkle
3308 Martinsville Road
Martinsville, Ohio 45146

I hope you take time to get your gripes off your chest, too. This is an important time to speak up in our country as what we do today will have a huge impact on our present and future generations.

I have always tried to do what is best for them as they are a part of me. I hope you feel the same way and take time to let those in charge know how you feel.



  1. I didn't go in. So they mailed it. I ignored it. No one has called yet. I think I'm just not going to sign things anymore. I think I can do that as I got rid of half my farm last year.
    All the signing and regulations really annoy me as at the most I had 150 acres of hay ground and the payment was at the end somewhere around $150.
    Except for the no-till payments. I got my full amount out of those. But, those are now over.
    I took advantage of the high hay prices to let my neighbor talk me out of the ground. The no-till was a failure anyway...

  2. There surely is something you can write about! I really think every American ought to let them know about at least one thing they are doing that they don't agree with. I have so many I just keep writing, one subject per contact.