Friday, February 8, 2013

Reversing farmer demographics

Future Farmer of America
Enrollment in ag schools has been up 28% since 2004. While these new students are not all future farmers, there are many professions revolving around the whole food production chain, it seems to show a growing interest in farming that may result in younger farmers.

It also seems clear that despite the always decreasing number of farmers, there are still good jobs to have in this sector, and that's a very valuable thing in today's economical world.

I read another article about immigrant farmers from South/Central America that could also reverse the aging trend, but the author seems to have found only one Mexican farmer in the whole Midwest...  ;)
Still, there are many first and second generation immigrant farmers in the West and other spots, and some have even been established for longer, like the Hmong community.



  1. Note how badly the USDA wants to give the above mentioned immigrant farmer a loan, get him in the system. Note how be avoided losing his farm. He got a side job.
    Very hard to control someone who is independent and can work for himself.
    Just saying...

  2. A "white" farmer would probably have some form of insurance or subsidy that would have kept him in the business, instead of being forced to sell his livestock and getting another job. If this can put him back in the farming business, at least there's a federal program that's partially useful! ;)

  3. Agriculture is strong in New Zealand and Australia. I see it important to their economy and world peace just like see American agriculture.

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