Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Humans smell like an old Beatles record

Humans apparently smell like an old Beatles LP. That is, we smell in mono, while we see and hear in stereo. Moles, on the other hand, have a sense of smell that is bidimensional, allowing them to pinpoint with accuracy the location of that delicious earthworm by smell only.

This is the discovery published by scientists yesterday, and the video in the article is amazing.

I already knew moles were amazing, with this faculty they have to make earthworm zombies (I wish movie makers would take their inspiration from wild life) by biting their rear end to paralyze them. These earthworms are then moved to a special pantry hole, where they form a ball of slowly wriggling and entwined worms used for snacks later.

Hard to whack a mole anymore, you get to like the critters after you know so much about them. In Findhorn, Scotland, they got rid of them from their garden by praying to the deva of the mole. Hare, Hare!



  1. I just bought an old Hank Locklin album in Mono. I wonder if any humans smell like a Hank Locklin album. I suppose if you drink enough Blitz and smoke unfiltered Lucky Strikes?
    Food for thought...

  2. Nice songs. Must be linked to smell indeed, because that's usually smell that takes me 40 years back in childhood like his songs did, even though I never heard them before.