Sunday, June 17, 2012


We are heading down to Fort Salem Indian Mounds for a picnic. We were headed to the tractor pull in our county seat of Wilmington, Ohio last night when the storms came through and cancelled the pull. Too bad for Grandpa, Corbin and Matt but there will be another day so we had ribs at Damon's. It wasn't worth $43 but it was good. We were too tired to cook and it takes a lot of work to make ribs. I rarely have a taste for them but I did last night.

I had the baby back ribs instead of the St. Louis style they serve. They were meaty and tasty with just the right amount of cooking and glaze on them. The baked potato wasn't that twice baked taste I like but it did top of the ribs. The salad was decent but not big enough for my appetite so I munched on fruit the rest of the evening to satisfy my hunger.

We have had 2 inches here so far and another farm got an inch and another got 2.3 so it depends where you were. 25 miles east got zero so we were blessed. I wish I had a measuring stick on my corn because I know the corn behind the house grew 6 inches overnight. I don't have to water the garden now either and the sweet corn will soon be in tassle. We have a mess of green beans ready to pick.

The week went quickly with the work in Pennsylvania and trying to catch up when we got home. I can mow the grass now, too as I was protesting. No rain, no mowing but now I can mow before the 92 degree days predicted this week.

Farmers are wanting rain and the ones that got it in this series of storms are happy.

The picnic was great. It is so peaceful there, all we could hear was the birds and all we could see was the deer munching on soybeans down in the bottom. It was only 22 miles there so I hope to go more often.

I didn't see Bill Bare, the man who reclaimed the mounds, but I am sure I will if I go often enough.

It's a beautiful place to visit and so close to where I was raised and where I live now.

I got a new one row garden planter for Father's Day so it's time to go plant the fall garden!

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