Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Who should go to college? College is one of those things I think everyone should experience for at least one day.  I can't imagine where I would be if I hadn't gone to college.  It was my chance to broaden my horizons beyond my little town and the tenant farm I was raised on.  I will give credit to my parents and teachers as they worked together to make sure all 3 of us kids would go.  We all graduated, too.

I started college this month in 1968.  That seems like a long, long time ago.  It was my ticket to "freedom" and a whole new life.  I heard someone in an interview saying something like only 10 or 15% of students went to college in those days and 25% do now.  He was pointing out that we are not doing all that bad in education and some numbers have improved.  Unfortunately, high school and college graduation rates haven't improved that much in some areas of the country.

I always encouraged my students to go to college but probably half or better were never suited for or prepared to go to college.  It was difficult to teach to both type of students but I did the best I could.  Some classes had a majority of college able students but most didn't.  You end up "teaching to the class" in those types of situations.

Learning starts before birth and there are many studies that prove that.  The child's environment from the womb help sets the tone for learning and education through the childs life.  The early years are very important and we have placed an appropriate high level environment for early childhood development in this country.  Again, that is not true in all places but it is moreso than when I was a child overall.  Preschool was unheard of then and now it is commonplace.

Did you go to college?  How important was it in your development?  It was crucial to mine or I wouldn't be sitting here typing this early this morning.  My education has affected every day of my life, where I am, what I am doing and who I hang around.  With the lack of employment opportunity in this country today, my education reigns high on my ability to work for a decent wage.

My college education has served me well.  I am a big advocate for higher education because I know what it has done for me and for others.

What about you?

This would be a great place for a picture of me in my college years.  I wish I had one to share with you!  At least I can share this picture from the Ohio State Michigan game.  I was there!


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