Thursday, June 21, 2012


I recorded a documentary on Public Television called Barnstorming.  I watched last night and really enjoyed it.

"Barnstorming is the true story of an unexpected friendship that developed between a farm family and two pilots who literally dropped out of the sky. Their friendship has created a new tradition out of an old one long gone: barnstorming.

Barnstorming captures their annual gathering: the visceral exhilaration of flight, the anticipation of the barnstormers’ arrival, and celebration of the reunion. Shot in real time, and told in the participants' voices, the film immerses the viewer in the innocence of earlier times, the fleeting nature of childhood, and the joy of friendship. It is a testament to our ability to connect as human beings, no matter where we come from, or how we get there."

I highly recommend the film, it was very entertaining.  I could imagine my friend Rick Kettley buzzing over here from Illinois and landing at Barnett's Air Strip right down the road.  The story of how the two pilots landed in the alfalfa field of Indiana dairy farmer Matt Dierksen is really good.  How it developed into an annual neighborhood event is even better.

Pilot Frank accidentally cuts the guy wire on the electric line nearby with his propeller on one landing and lives to tell about it.  The look in the kids faces when they see the sparks fly is beyond description.  I know their dad thought "Oh No, he hit the electric line!"

The pilots around here are older now and don't fly much anymore.  We used to see little planes quite often when we moved here but not often anymore.  The skies have really gotten quiet here since DHL closed a few years ago.

If I went up now, I know I would see every hole in every field.  They are full of them from the cold weather after planting and the heavy spring rains.

I will probably keep my feet on land and take pictures.  My pickup bed is high enough for me these days.



  1. Sounds like a Richard Bach story, a true barnstormer and great writer.

  2. I think that was his name Chimel, I would have to check to verify but I agree Richard is a true barnstormer!