Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Field Day

Yesterday I drove over to Rushville, Indiana for a First Choice Seeds get together.  It was their wheat field day with some plots out on a local farm.  Before I left, I tried something new.  I put a pork loin in the slow cooker seasoned very well and poured a 2 liter bottle of root beer over it.  I left it on low all day expecting some pulled pork when I got home for dinner.

By the time I got to Rushville it was almost time to eat.  I loaded my Tillage Radish I had ordered and got in line to eat.  Joyce Denzler had also prepared pulled pork for sandwiches!  She had "crock pot beans" with hamburger in it and cole slaw so it really went well together.

Then her husband Mark talked about the changes in their company and the seed industry after lunch.  He pointed out that one cross of corn could be presented to the farmer 80 different ways!  That is how complex the seed industry is today for the farmer and the seedsman.

Then we looked at the wheat lineup while the combine was harvesting.  The wheat was very clean with good yields and test weight.  I am curious to what the numbers will be like but it looked like 70 bushel wheat on the rolling land with test weights near 60 lbs.  Wheat has become a minor crop again with last year's rain, lack of interest, lack of time to plant and the competing higher corn and soybean prices.

It was a good trip and I gave thanks for the rain we got.  We obviously got more than anyone else in the 100 mile drive and most crops did not look as good or any better than my own.  Some areas were hurt with late planting and no rain since planting.  My corn is as good as I have seen since I was in Franklin County Pennsylvania last week but some around here are every bit as good with better stands.

My pulled pork turned out excellent with LuAnn's brocolli salad and green beans I picked from the garden cooked for an hour with a couple of strips of turkey bacon in it.  I know some people use root beer on their ribs but it is the first time I ever cooked a pork loin in it.  It turned out very well!



  1. I just made some slow cooker pulled pork yesterday. Used coke instead of root beer. Cooked it all night and most of the day. It was a big hit with my boys!

  2. OK, I will have to try the Coke now. Never tried it either!