Sunday, June 24, 2012

Corn Google

We just may get to price our corn above the crop insurance guarantee of $5.69 per bushel.  This major drought occuring across the United States has the market reeling.  I have cancelled some bids and put in higher ones as I don't want to market to blow by my lower bids on its way up.

I have been from Maryland to eastern Illinois in the past two weeks and there is no way this country is going to harvest the USDA's predicted 166 bushels per acre.  It is inching closer and closer to my lowball 150 bushel estimate each day.

There probably is 10-20% of the hundreds of fields I have seen that will make 166 bu per acre.  Most are closer to the 150 bushel mark and many will struggle to make 125 so I think my average won't be that far off.

The best corn I have seen is in Franklin County Pennsylvania and right behind my house.  The corn in Illinois looks very good and consistent but it really needs a drink.  Nothing is predicted for the next few weeks, right during critical pollination.  That 3 inch rain we got last weekend out of nowhere may be the last one we get until our corn ears are formed.

Big money will trade hands over this.  I need to position myself the best I can because so many factors make the market go too high and too low.  I want to sell on the too high side!

Weather is definitely the talk in agriculture today, more than the new farm bill or any other topic. I titled this Corn Google today because that is where corn is to me. Google used to mean big eyed like google eyes and now its the name of a major company I am using while I type.

I don't know how much longer I will keep using them if I keep blogging at all. I love to write a little each day and even come up with some things that amazes myself but Google is no fun anymore. My editor has changed again and now it takes many more steps to title, upload a picture and post this blog.

Have a great coming week and I hope you get some rain! July is almost here!

Ed Winkle


  1. Many folks have gone to wordpress. I understand you can migrate you whole blog. I don't know how, but I'm sure someone does. Can't be that difficult, think about the stuff that you have to remember, just a matter of figuring stuff out!

  2. I looked at the steps and haven't tried it. I guess I am too lazy to do anything at this point except complain about blogspot.

  3. Hope you continue to blog Ed....It is a nice mix of farm knowledge and life lessons. I really enjoy it.

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