Saturday, June 23, 2012


We are in Nashville, Indiana for our wedding anniversary. The weather is beautiful!

We were invited to a young friend's wedding two months ago so we decided make the trip to Illinois and find something along the way for our anniversary. Nashville was it! I have always liked Brown County Indiana and LuAnn fell in love with it too.

Nashville is a neat little town with lots of neat little shops. I did the most Grandpa shopping I have done for awhile and I think the grand kids will be happily surprised!

LuAnn had sent me the menu from the Artist Colony Inn she had booked a couple of weeks ago and it looked good. I am happy to report it was excellent! I had homemade meat loaf and mashed potatoes and one of the neatest little salads I ever ate with almond slices on top and a dressing that looked like light molasses but tasted wonderful.

The buffet breakfast we had there had the best quiche in it you can imagine, bacon crumbs on top of the crust and under the cheesy baked eggs. Mmm mmm good.

I told the lady in the Toy Shop that if I had my 9 nine grandchildren with me it would take a good hundred dollar bill a piece to get started. She laughed and really liked that comment.

LuAnn found a book she had read to her children about the history of maize. It is called Corn Is Maize-The Gift of the Indians, written and illustrated by Aliki. I sat on a bench and read the whole thing. It is excellent. I can't wait to read it to the little ones.

Saturday noon we headed to the wedding in Paris, Illinois. The crop really needs a drink but I thought it looked very good. The color and stand is better than Ohio's. We got to the St. Mary's Catholic Church and enjoyed the sacrement of marriage between Stefanie and Chris. It was a beautiful wedding and I am sure it will represent a beautiful marriage between the two. All should be humbly proud.

The reception was held down the road at St. Mary's in the Woods College in Indiana. We past the famous Allis Chalmers museum east of Paris off SR 150. I didn't have time to stop this time but I know where it is now.

Shirley, Stefanie's mom, had bought big white stone pitchers from all over and filled them with fresh flowers. Someone had peonies in bloom and the displays were just beautiful. Those were the prettiest table centers I believe I have ever seen. They had burlap sack cloth for the table settings to bring out the farm theme that had come in the invitation months ago. It all tied together like their wedding.

It was a pleasant 250 miles from Paris to Martinsville with a few side trips on top of that. It was another great weekend of our busy summer of 2012.

The front porch is where we had dinner and breakfast. It was a good place to people watch with the big white horse pulling the carriage beside it and the little train ride we took to look over the community.



  1. Congratulations. May you have many more.

  2. Thank you both! I will just give thanks for what I have and wish even more for my readers.