Monday, April 16, 2012

Would You Choose The Same Career?

I have been reading and talking to a lot of people who are not finding job satisfaction anymore. Are you one of those? Would you choose the same career today knowing what you do today compared to when you chose?

I think I would but it is obvious to me I could have made it farming instead of teaching and farming. It worked out and I have no regrets. Well, maybe a few but nothing to cause a life lost type of thing. I think I am right where I belong and it all worked out fine.

When I started teaching 40 years ago last fall, $5000 seemed like a lot of money to me. I told you I bought a new Chevelle for $2000 cash. I lived pretty meagerly but that was all I knew how to do from my upbringing.

This piece lets you complete a survey on this subject. I am curious how it works out for you and I.

My biggest challenge was transforming from a student to a teacher. It is quite a transformation. I had lots of help and good role models so it was doable. Learning how to control a classroom full of young men, many bigger than you are is no daunting task but I made it and have helped others and can help more. Classroom control is a big issue in teaching. Once you cross that hurdle, it's not so bad.

I didn't have the same resources to start farming. My parents discouraged it and so did every one I trusted. "It's a dying profession, you can do so much better anywhere else" is all I heard. I knew that wasn't entirely true but I had no idea how to start a farm business even though I was raised on one.

If I knew then what I know now, I could have done it. So part time farming and running a school farm kept me close enough to be happy. It felt like farming but it really wasn't a farm business my livelyhood depended on.

There's a 24 row corn planter sitting at the end of the sidewalk to our barnyard. It isn't mine but I know it could have been.

Agricultural Education is a profound profession and I am glad to have been a part of it.

I guess I still am. How about you? Did you choose the right career?

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