Saturday, April 14, 2012

For Ten Cents

Remember that old saying, "for ten cents I would...? For ten cents I would send the corn back and plant all beans. Why? It's going to be a whole lot easier marketing soybeans this year than corn.

Things change quickly. Just months ago beans were only twice the price of corn. Now they are approaching three times the price of corn and some farmers are taking action. I hear more and more who are changing from corn to beans.

Me, I am pretty well stuck in my rotation and really need to plant corn on the acres I have planned to. My rotation seems to be one year off market wise. When I plant beans, the price goes down, when I plant wheat or corn the same thing happens. Is it just me?

No, it happens to just about every one. I have always followed a good rotation pretty closely and it has done well for me yield wise. I guess I shouldn't complain. But for ten cents....

I am slowly getting my feet back on the ground and my head back in Ohio. Jet lag is for real, let alone all the changes that occur during travel. The food is a little different, the people are different and the sights are a whole lot different! I won't forget those seas of tulips and water for a long time. It just baffles me how they could make farmland out of an inland sea. Especially in that time without little instrumentation or labor saving devices.

And those churches, those grand Cathedrals built a thousand years ago with even less tools for construction! It is truly baffling and amazing.

Ohio is quickly going post bloom. The dandelions have about ran their cycle and the fruit trees have buds and baby fruit already. The winter annuals are dead in fields that haven't been sprayed!

You can still catch tulips in Amish Country. There is even a photography contest(hint, hint, LuAnn)! The earth biscuits, now I fondly call them earth monks, are having a big get together in Chillicothe next weekend.

"That Crop Being Planted Just Could Be Yours!
The search is well under way in our latest "Iowa Treasure Hunt" ... and the finder wins a 5-acre cash crop. Twenty counties have been eliminated and the clue is hidden in an Iowa public park somewhere in one of the other 79.

Have a blessed Sunday, whatever you do.


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