Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Up Early

We haven't been able to spray for a week due to this weather, so I am up early to catch this narrow window before the next storm. Cincinnati weather said it would hit by 4 PM today but late last night I saw red lightning to the southwest and thought oh no, it is going to rain tonight. I don't think it did, though.

Blogger came up a simple brown header html file yesterday saying my browser is no longer supported. "Parts of Blogger will not work and you may experience problems." No kidding, and there is no one to call at Google and no one answers the Send Feedback or help pages.

This stinks. I can't get to my dashboard to edit or post pictures.

It's Friday and I stumbled my way into this blog this week! I am not sure how I got here, perhaps I can remember how to do it!

Here is a good summary in today's Grain Net on GM or GE crops

. It's a long read or you can scroll down to the conclusions!



  1. I just hate when there is no help to be found.

  2. This is very frustrating, I have a bunch of links to post and no easy way of doing it til I get to the root of this problem. That's what you get "for free."