Sunday, April 29, 2012


Today I want to talk a little about Jazz. I don't mean music like we heard in New Orleans years ago, I am talking about apples. I had a fruit craving so after we saved 90 cents per gallon on our 35 gallon fill up at Krogers, I went fruit shopping. Do you think $150 in fruit and gasonline might be just a little too much?

It was on sale for $1.29 per pound so I bought a few after I sampled the slices they offer. It tasted better than the last Gala I had, and probably as good as the last Fuji I ate. It is crisp, juicy and sweet with a hint of tart. It is a cross between Gala and Braeburn, two good apples. Now I have my apple craving settled for a bit.

I have to share this jazz with you from Machinery Talk. It is about the dear, young parts kid.

"was in a dealership the other day at the parts counter and an 84 year old guy that still farms was trying to get a part. After explaining the part, showing the new parts kid a picture on his smart phone, he still couldn't get the correct part.

Finally, after a bunch of wrangling with the computer, a couple of trips to the back room, the kid comes back and says I'll have it for you tommorrow.

Clearly exasperated by now the old farmer leans in across the counter and the parts kid leans in to hear what he has to say:
"Sonny, I hope when I finally get old and senile, I hope they will let me have your job."

1. "I can say we don't have that, but it will be here tomorrow."

2. "I can say we don't have that, but our other stores have 15 each of them, could I get that here tommorrow for you?"

3. "I can say, I've seen the picture, heard the description, & I still don't have a clue of what the hell you are talking about."

4. "I can say, the computer says it's this, even though I'm clearly holding something different in my hand."

The old man got up and shuffled out of the store after that, and I just had to chuckle because there was a lot of truth in what he said to him. Now, before I get bashed, a good parts guy is worth his/her weight in gold, but many of these new kids have only seen this equipment on a computer screen now days and many times don't have a clue as to what your talking about, or order the wrong thing then want to charge restocking fees, extra shipping, ect. I kind of have to agree with him, I liked the old days when many of your parts guys were old farmers that knew what you were talking about."

Only a couple of decades away from being 84 and having worked as a parts kid, I SEE BOTH SIDES,

What do you think?

Liam is a good guy to share an apple with and really good with parts.


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  1. Jazz didn't catch my reader's fancy but we are still enjoying the new Jazz variety of apples. After a few encounters with the "parts guy" in recent weeks, I think the "parts gal" is every bit as good and could be much better! No wonder LuAnn sold so many parts at John Deere back in the day!