Saturday, April 28, 2012

Excalibre or GraphEx?

I just got another good question via email from a young farmer who is obviously doing something right. His soybean yields are nearly 20 bushels above the county average! He wants to know the difference between Excalibre and GraphEx.

"Is there much difference between the two? Which do you prefer?

I thought about using two different inoculants anyway to get more multiple strands.

Your thoughts?

Not too worried about another $5 per acre. I treat my beans like a real crop with multiple forms of Fert and multiple foliars. I have had 60 bushels beans 3 years in a row which is very good for my area."

My response was "Wow, those are good yields! You are definitely a high yield producer
from my correspondence in your fair state, there are a couple of others but most
are well under that amount.

I prefer Excalibre installed on my seed for convienience. I prefer GraphEx as
a seed treatment over putting on the Excalibre myself. The bacteria strains
and load are similar enough I just go for convenience so I can focus on all
the other little details it takes for those yields.

I am interested in the details of your program if you are willing to share. Each
little step is so vital to yield but varies on each operations needs.

Good to hear from you and each email makes me think and refine my own
operation!" There is my encouragement for the day to all my soybean producing readers!

I have to mention a big thanks to Case New Holland. Their donation to my alma mater reminds me of my first step into the old Ives Hall, Ag Engineering department in 1968 when my eyes bugged out! They had all these farm engines sitting on stands for tuning and training and a few dynomometers! I was in tractor heaven!

I am sure to my wealthier classmates it looked like "old junk" but to a farm boy fresh off the farm in southern Ohio, it was spectacular! I learned a lot in that lab I used on many farm operations and taught to my students for many years. Those principles are still with me today.

Thanks, CNH!

Ed Winkle


  1. Nothing wrong with the old junk to teach the basics. The new suff still works the same way, intake, compression, power, exhaust. BUT, I have been away a long time, how are they, OR, or they squeezing more power from these engines? O K better lubes to reduce friction, but we are still using heat to make power

  2. They have better strength in the materials, more precision in the production(usually!), much better injection and cylinder air flow than the old engines but the computers are the big thing! Knowing how to trouble shoot those when they go haywire is a great skill for a young mechanic.