Thursday, April 19, 2012

I Saw The Human!

Yesterday I was working in the shop when I heard Sable howling and barking like I've never heard. I went to look for her and she had a big Calico cat treed in our lilac tree.

That cat was scared to death and hanging on for dear life. She was a big, older, mother looking cat and I don't blame her for being scared for her life with ominous looking Sable barking and howling and jumping just shy of her tale! That lilac bush is not that big!

I thought a minute and then called Sable into the house. I shut her inside and tried to coax the cat to freedom. I finally got her to purr and call to me for help but she would not come down. I couldn't blame her!

I walked over to the garage to find a handle long enough to poke her out and thought, she must be thinking I almost got eaten by a monster and then I saw the human! I am sure she has seen me before but I hadn't caught more than a glimpse of her. I knew there was a cat prowling the mice around the house, garage and grain bins.

Since Sable has run off all the cats, the mouse population has been building around here. That's the down side of having no cats. Dogs or cats, the two don't mix for me. I could tell something has been in Sable's dog food and water pans when she is inside.

I walked over and slowly stuck the rake handle toward her and she lost her grip and fell plump on the ground. Of course she was gone in a flash to freedom once more.

Sable keeps the birds in the trees and the cats also if they show up!

Of course I forgot to take a picture of it all but this one looks just about like it...


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