Friday, April 20, 2012

What Percent Are You?

We all heard about the 99% compared to the 1%. That refers to the one percent of the population with incomes above $500,000. It takes $100,000 income to break into the top 80% and $200,000 gets you in the top 94% of the incomes of individuals or families. Which bracket do you fit into?

That is a personal question so I will leave that with you. Median household income of our county is just above $46,000 but we have 14% below the poverty level and a lot of people in between.

LuAnn works with a lot of these people at Turning Point. It's the last chance for many people on welfare or coming out of incarceration.

Another question today is what percent are you planted? This may be the earliest the US corn crop was ever planted if this pace keeps up.

This is also true in Canada as shown in this video just released.

It will be interesting to see what Monday's tally comes up with.

Everyone needs some rain and Steve Horstmeyer says we will have an Omega jet stream into Canada this week that will keep us cool but bring us a chance for rain at the end of next week.



  1. 0% planted here in Sask. Miserable cold and wet has kept us from starting anything in the field. Hoping for better things next week.

  2. Hope so, Ralph. It's been a pleasnt spring here overall but cold to plant. County might be half done on corn and 5-10% on soybeans. We got a rain last night but looks like we are getting some of your cold air all week.

  3. Then there is the .375 percent who gross over $100,000 but actually lose money in the end.

    1. Budde, you have finally identified a class that I fall into :-)

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