Wednesday, December 14, 2011


LuAnn asked me this morning why God sent me this project? That got my thinking juices flowing right off the bat although my brain is fuzzy and I am tired this morning.

I guess I need to find a new alarm clock for her, was looking at the Sunday and never saw anything I want pestering me at 5 or 6 in the morning, she is quite enough. She claims she set the old one for six and it woke us up at five so here I am writing. I wonder how that new water powered alarm works?

I was wondering about the same question as I felt this was pulling me away from being a good husband, the Christmas spirit and even operating our own farm visit. Yesterday when a young farmer answered my survey questions while unloading corn while being very thorough I see my answer. Even though this young man is not someone I work with he saw value in what I was doing. He ended the time with, "It was so good to see you, Ed, come back and see me again." That took me off guard and stuck with me all day.

This project focuses on how the farmer is dealing with resistant weeds admitting we have them and the RR system is not working like it should. If farmers don't make changes we will lose the effectiveness of "the best discovery for weed control since the finding of aspirin" for pain and swelling in humans.

God is using this project to keep me busy out there in this very busy season at a time I have gotten so depressed I could not function. I suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder and I not feeling that much at all contacting these farmers, some of which who do not want to be bothered right now.

But he gave me an important message to share they cannot deny so it gives me the opportunity to discuss other things on their mind and keep the reason for being here helpful and supportive. It is all truly amazing.

While working the project He has gotten me to my crop insurance agent, crop adjustor, SWCD, NRCS and this morning FSA to address my own farming issues where I would have just put it off otherwise.

The day ended yesterday with seeing my son and his students working the fruit sale way after school. 24 years I did that myself and the other 7 years I helped the local chapters while serving as county extension agent. I have been through a few fruit sales during this merry life!

The day really ended with church at 7 with total peace and quiet, just talking to the Lord in His House.

After yesterday's blog, what a change! Be sure to watch Larry the Cable Guy Night Before Christmas and Jeff Foxworthy's Twelve Days of Christmas should pop up when you are done.

Thanks for reading and have a great day,


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