Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Garden Seed

The J. W. Jung seed catalog came last night and I was looking it over. That is only the second catalog we have received since we haven't been buying a lot of seed from catalogs lately, we have been buying local like Grant's Farm or Steve Boehm's Good Seed Farm in Adams County.

Their note on genetically modified seed caught my attention. "Our company does not agree with the use of genetic engineering solely for economic gain, be we are concerned about the overuse of pesticides in the battle to feed the ever increasing populations of the world. Though we are not certain any genetically engineered products pose a health risk, we believe that more testing needs to be done, especially where food allergies could be a concern. To our knowledge, none of our products have been developed through the mechanical transfer of genetic material between genera, families or kingdoms. We will continue to look at each potential new item on a case by case basis and can assure that we would not add any product to our catalog which we did not consider safe. As always, we will strive to supply what we consider the best varieties and we will encourage our customers to be good stewards of the soil."

That is a very good philosophy I agree with as a farmer. They have a very nice catalog full of varieties I know and trust and are a good supplier of garden seed. I am sure that can be said of most garden and other seed companies but their statement impressed me.

They also recommend something I recommend and that is inoculation of legume seeds like peas and green beans. I will order some of their inoculant for me legume seeds as I get a great increase of yield and quality from it. I have written several blogs on inoculation you can read from my archives.

They have two full pages each of corn and beans, staples in the American garden. They have a facebook page and an online site.

The picture is one of my favorite this summer looking across our garden spot to the Hollingsworth's next door.


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