Thursday, December 22, 2011


It's time to get those Christmas presents finished. I hope I have enough, I know I got some surprises, not the big one that really caught her off guard last year.

With nine little grandchildren, LuAnn has been in shopping mode for two months. Here is my public pronouncement of the great thanks I have for her for doing all that shopping! We discussed each present with care and of course, price comparison! That's why they call it shopping!

Actually the best gift I can give today, tomorrow, Christmas day and every day is me, sane and happy and doing things no one notices. The kind of things they won't notice until you are gone.

I really care about people, especially my dear family and everything God as given me. Being human, I don't show that every day! So I work on me, sticking to a routine that keeps me a supportive, caring person.

The best gift is one that really surprises you and you have to stop and think who did that and why did they do this? That is really hard for me to do! But, it is so rewarding when we do.

The presents are all wrapped and placed with care, in hopes that Saint Nicholas soon would be there! I know most of us adults are beyond the gift giving, it's the though that counts but it all makes you think.

What is the best present you ever got?

I have so many over 62 years I have to stop and think about that awhile...


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