Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Help Each Other

Farmers really need to help each other. These high commodity prices have brought the best and worst out in men. We got another 2 inches yesterday and there is so much crop left in the field. That crop is all profit although I am sure there are poor souls who haven't broken even yet with the crop they have harvested.

Some little guys have no pity and say you are farming too much if you still have crop out. That isn't true here in every case but you get their point. The larger operators could fire back you don't farm enough and you are just jealous. This is serious enough we need to help each other.

We have broken all rainfall records and most farmers I talk to aren't sure what to plant next year after this years fiasco. Most will stay somewhere close to the crops they planted this year and hope we don't have to wait til June to plant it.

We were heavy in beans in Ohio this year although a lot of corn was planted. That ground could easily go to corn this year. I saw that trend across the corn belt in our travels this year so I would think we will plant more corn if weather cooperates and farmers can cash flow the input cost and get the seed they need. Top hybrids are in short supply in some cases.

It wasn't a good year for seed, either so dealers are scrambling to fill needs and orders. Here is where a strong relationship with reputable dealers helps out. I have three small dealers who have invested the money to get the seed I think I need. I will deal with them.

The bigger the seed company the more problem they could have. It will all work out one way or another but weather and economics is playing a heavy in local agriculture. It is a great challenge but that best thing I can do is help my neighbor.

The best thing I can do for you is something you don't even know about so I take no glory in it.

We really need to help each other in this time of need.


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