Sunday, December 25, 2011

December 25

Happy Birthday, Corbin! Five years old already, you and your cousins are growing up fast! Merry Christmas to you and your parents and all your aunts and uncles and cousins. You have all given LuAnn and I a big wonderful family.

We went to cousin Sheila's last night, a Christmas tradition for me and my family. Most of my cousins and their families were there. Since we are so close to Cincinnati the cross town shoot out debacle was a discussion point as it made national news and each one of us has an opinion about how it was handled.

It's good to have family you can talk about controversial things with and just have a normal discussion because we all know our health and our well being is more important than any other issue. We care about each other.

One new boy friend of a cousin's daughter reminded me of the physicists on Big Bang Theory and he was very interesting to talk to. He is studying bioscience so we had a lot in common and I could explain my application of bioscience to food production.

Then I opened up Crop Talk this morning and there was Moboy again spewing his pro Monsanto BS about superiority of genetically modified corn and he made the point of picking on my friend soil life. So I called him out and defended soil life and the whole thing wasn't very Christmassy.

He provoked my ire. I let him do that and responded on the page I helped develop and have devoted 11 years to now. It wasn't the best thing to do first thing Christmas morning but I did it.

I didn't waste much time there and went to reading aloud with LuAnn and sharing our gifts to each other. I got new Carrhart clothes to wear and she got a new home made purse and scarf and pearl ear rings to match her pearl necklaces.

She gave me a new Catechism of the Catholic Church and we are reading it aloud now. It adds to our spiritual and religious beliefs, the real meaning of Christmas this December 25.

Merry Christmas to all, whoever you are and wherever you are and I hope this morning finds you well and looking forward to a profitable New Year.

Ed Winkle


  1. Ed, Merry Christmas. My family gave me a lego alien spaceship that has as it's clever feature, a glowing light and a contraption that abducts a FARMER! If I would not have had it on my Amazon gift list I would suspect someone was trying to tell me something.
    As for the NAT thing. Don't you think he is a "troll," and that everyone should just ignore him? As I have to tell my daughter, you know you are right, if the other person is too stupid to see that you are right, it doesn't do any good to remind em of it... My bit of wisdom that I don't follow!
    Happy New Year!

  2. I better be careful or I might get abducted! I do that enough in my own mind! As for NAT you are right of course. I get too passionate about how that page is used and it is not just my page but all of ours to use. I just hate to see it abused. Such is public forum!