Sunday, December 18, 2011


We finally got to hear Transiberian Orchestra's Christmas Program live today in Columbus after all the hoopla since the fellow in Mason made national news with his Christmas display a few years ago. Wizards of Winter made the band and his display world famous.

We had hoped to take Liam a year ago and had tickets but the day of the show we came down with the worst flu I have had in 30 years. Since we couldn't move far from the bed or bathroom we missed it last year.

I have to say I was really bummed by intermission. I missed the whole point of the program and it was slow and boring and didn't connect the dots for me. We almost left early!

But we got to thinking we hadn't heard Wizards of Winter yet, their signature song so we went back to our seats in Nationwide Arena and stayed. Good thing we did! Even the lead guitarist sensed something was wrong and asked where our enthusiasm was and did they have a bad performance?

I thought so. The Christmas story was lead by the black man with the booming voice. I didn't get the message. The second half changed all of that with their favorite, most popular songs.

Wizards alone was worth the money and their other two top Christmas pieces topped that off. They made the gas man lots of money with all the gas they fired into the air with their pyrotechnic show and the laser lights was amazing to the beat of the music.

They made a local charity very happy too with a check for one dollar from every ticket sold today. I don't see how they have the energy to play right now with their second performance, I thought they gave it all in the first one today!

If you ever have the chance to go, do it. I assume most of you have seen it before me, we have wanted to go for years.

It was well worth the money and effort on a winter's day.


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