Monday, December 19, 2011

62 And Worn Clear Through!

That's what I have been telling people today, "I am 62 and worn clear through!" Today is my birthday. I started the day by having my teeth cleaned of all things I could have done for my birthday. Ruth asked me when she called to schedule, are you sure you want to do this on your birthday? I thought sure, why not, have to get it done sometime anyway!

My sister called to wish me happy birthday among many(the list is long and thank you all!) and she had a different twist to my rhyme that I adopted in this manner. I even stopped to tell dad thanks at the cemetery on my route today.

The dentist asked me about the big deer I have seen so I brought him up to date and told him where all the big ones hang out. I keep telling these guys to surround the field when we shell corn and we will herd them out for you! They don't like that too much, guess it takes the fun out of hunting.

Doc told me about a bowhunter in Indiana who didn't follow the rules and lost his life. You always poke the deer or wait and make sure it is not able to get up and get you. He didn't and the buck ran his antlers through his liver and the next day they found the dead deer beside the dead hunter, lacerated his liver and they both bled to death.

I just saw a young man cutting soybeans on US 68 on Midland's finest swamp land we call Clermont Silt Loam. It was strange to see dust rolling on such a gloomy day. It is about 45 degrees and had warmed up 10 degrees since last night.

My Christmas Elves are wrapping my last packages for LuAnn in her craft room before she gets home. I let her pick up Sable from the new groomer kennel lady and she called and told me Sable was ready to come home. No doubt she is! I guess the lady survived Sable's first bath and professional grooming and toe nail clipping!

We should have had that lady video the deal and we could sell the video for more than she charges. That You Tube would be viral within 24 hours!

I see Stacey has posted a new blog today and I see the title is excercise. Right on my birthday, too! Those two things don't go together.

Maybe I can talk LuAnn into taking me to Damon's and see if the steak and blooming onion is as good as last time. We ate at Werner's Pork House on the way home last night so I really shouldn't but...

We called ahead last night and our order was ready to eat when we sat down. We both had the sampler platter and if I knew the pulled pork was going to be that good, that is all I would have ordered! Maybe the best I ever ate but I always say that. It was goooood. Rich and Barb has a busy day with lots of customers and 4 Christmas parties last night.

I picked up a bouquet at the Kroger Florist and surprised LuAnn with them. It's your birthday, not mine she said. I said wait a minute you are blank years(men present) and 11 months old today. Her birthday is one month after mine. The Parole Officer said, oh he bought something, like I bought a new pickup, tractor or combine. I said no, if I had enough money I would!

Maybe a planter tomorrow though, I stopped at Baxla Tractor to see Leon Yutzy who is selling out to serve on a mission to Mexico for 3 years. He is selling a planter I wouldn't mind tinkering with this winter. Leon is a fine young man, called by Christ to serve like Steve Neust in Haiti and so many other farmers serving around the world. God Bless them all!

I did stop to see Larry Corrill near what we call Panhandle where SR 125 meets SR 136, not far from where Peter Winkle settled over 200 years ago. We had a great chat, we used to tractor pull together and Larry is one of the best wrenches around. He said I heard you were coming so I ordered all Liberty Link soybeans! I said they started to eat your lunch, didn't they? He said yep, probably lost 10 bushels to weeds this year so he is making the switch.

That's what my project is about, keeping glyphosate as a viable weed killer and keeping your profits up in the process. It's good to have information others can use.



  1. Happy Birthday. I thought you just turned 32.

  2. Thanks Owen, thanks Budde. In some ways I think just like I did at 32 but the old bones sure don't respond like they did at that age. I better understand what dad felt like at 62 and the kids were where I would like to be physically! It was a very good birthday though and I am thankful for it.