Saturday, December 24, 2011

Holiday Cheer

Do you have your holiday cheer? I am working on it. It's been a tough week with lots of hard decisions and discussions. There is only one tax week left in this calendar year and so many decisions affect each farms tax status for 2011 and 2012.

The big news is the double to triple land taxes we will have to pay in this county. It will eventually get to all of Ohio's 88 counties. I see why my one landlord was so ticklish to work with all summer, he got his notice early.

Yesterday the road were crowded around here as people did their last minute preparations for business and holiday. One man commented he never saw so much traffic on Rombach Avenue, the main drag east of Wilmington which is US 22-3. LuAnn said Hillsboro was the same thing.

I didn't get a load of beans to market by Friday noon when they closed so I need to get that done first thing Tuesday morning when they re-open. I need to make some phone calls to make sure I get this done. The markets have increased from their low a week or two ago but could go back down at any world news event. That event is usually connected to European debt lately.

So back to this holiday cheer. I always felt like most people miss the reason for the season and if I let myself get caught up in that I can miss the real reason myself.

It's time to say Merry Christmas and really mean it and understand it's full implications.

Merry Christmas!

Ed Winkle

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