Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I guess I must be a whiner. Some people think I am. I have a low tolerance to pain. I can even feel a 9 volt battery charge.

I went to the Adena bone and joint clinic and just like I thought, I am bad to the bone. Really. Not so much though because they really couldn't find anything but a little bit of damage from my fingers to that verterbrae in the neck where the nerves connect.

My finger not bending is just like a tennis elbow. It was overextended and overworked and now the tendons are so swollen they won't bend.

I guess I have to sleep with the ice bag and she is not my wife. The med pack should take down the swelling but just as I knew, I need to excercise those muscles and keep them hot and cold for pain. Some people just understand this stuff, I don't.

If it don't work, I take it to the shop. The shop man says you need to put more hours on it. Huh? I mean it hurts already!

Farmers and doctors generally get along real well, it's just like a family reunion, it never happens. Oh Gee Ed, I see here I haven't seen you for ten long years! You bet! That last place a farmer wants to go is the doctors office.

So back to the prednisone and the ice packs and the work out room.

Didn't some baseball player get a big award for this?

I guess I am just a whiner.



  1. Some years ago i got my foot caught in the cross conveyer chain on the stacker. If I would have only sued someone I would be much better off today, but I of course did not. But that is beside the point.
    When I pulled my foot out I broke a bone and ended up with 40 some stitches. It was kind of sore for a while. Pain killers make me feel strange and sick and so I avoid them. That doesn't mean I am tough, it still hurt, I just would rather suffer pain than feel dizzy and sick while feeling pain.
    So, I went to get the pin removed from my toe. The doctor jokes that I don't have to worry about anything unless I see them put on the rubber aprons.
    Well, they pull out a pair of needle nose pliers and go digging in my toe for the pin. I closed my eyes and gripped the table really hard. I hear some whispering and I open my eyes to see....rubber aprons!
    They found the pin and pulled it out and I have never felt anything so painful or just plain strange and painful in my life. I have no idea why your post caused me to remember this but I just thought I would share it.

  2. That hurt just to read. You could tell those aprons were coming out! A buddy has to have a hip replacement and I can't even see some of my friends because they aren't with us anymore so I try to feel blessed. The pain and aggravation, though. If you read this with no pain, say a prayer of Thanksgiving!