Monday, September 20, 2010

Corn Yields

Corn yields have been coming in and some are amazingly good and others are little disappointing.

I figured mine would make 170 but and it's pretty close. Plot results in the I states are better than I thought but still poor for others.

A new conventional hybrid is winning some of the GMO plots. It is 115 day, big and healthy and took the summer heat well. It looked good in my fields but earlier corn did almost as well. You rarely see the really dry corn coming out of the of the trucks like this year but it did. Last year it was closer to 20% moisture and this year 17% which is a nice surprise where the yields hold up.

The best thing is dry soil and fodder to allow harvest to progress quickly. It will be hard to get it all in before there is loss from the crop being too dry.

It sure has been a dry spell! But out west some are having record rains. Southeast Iowa holds the record for excess moisture this year.

Did you see how large hurricane Igor is? It would cover half of America's land mass. But it is still dry here so far.


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