Thursday, September 2, 2010

Driving Around on Friday

Driving around today to my appointed stops make me feel like the picture. I wish I had more arms spread out taking in a different location.

The scenery here is much different. The soybeans outside my window are more yellow than green. The countdown to harvest is here in southwest Ohio.

How dry is this corn? We have taken a few samples and it is all above 20% moisture. We could shell a few fields right now and the market does want our corn but we want to decrease the dockage and maximize that grain check. At some point you have to bite the bullet and just start harvesting.

Like I said before, when the first combine hits the field in earnest we will all be in there. I stopped at the mechanic's shop and he said one neighbor stuck his header inside some corn and found 25% moisture, still a little high for us conservatives.

You don't want to start so late you can't get your whole crop in at a loss, combine and grain wise. We have a lot of acres to cover so I want to start a little earlier if it is ready. The crop is getting more ready day by day.

I saw some beans below Fayetteville that are pretty much bare of leaves. It won't be long before they combine those. My own corn at Charlie's on US 68 is dead brown and I think we could shell it any day.

I am planting wheat and cover crops to all my acreage, so it makes harvest all that more importan.

Starting harvest is kind of a staggered start. Someone is always first to harvest and others are first to finish, others are last to start and others are last to finish.

The clock is ticking...


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