Thursday, September 16, 2010

Devoted Dog

I have never seen a dog more devoted to her master than Sable. I am a poor master so she has some of my bad habits. She picks up on everything.

I must send bad vibes to some of my closest friends because she doesn't trust them. That is the least of my intentions but I must do it as she picks up on every habit I have.

She can walk fields faster than I can. She is a good scout in the field and I know she wouldn't let me get into harm. Her smell is so strong she smells another animal before I do.

I know this is an old picture but she is so hard to catch on camera. She is watching me as I type this but pick up the camera and she is gone. Many of my crop pictures caught her on camera though, just ahead of me.

She will be two years old October first and reminds me of me at age 14. I just wanted to play. She wants to play all the time. She hates to get scolded, just like I and every other creature does.

She is a pickle, no doubt. We took on a big undertaking when we picked her up January 09. She crapped her cage on the way home moving from her home to a new home. I probably would do that, too.

The Germans must have been insecure when they bred these dogs because they are so devoted. Like marriage, you can't divorce them.


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