Saturday, September 4, 2010


It's cool enough for a pot of chili or jambalaya. Low fifties, how long has it been since we saw that? Badger in Huntley Montana is at over 4000 feet elevation and he said he had frost on his water jug in the back of the truck.

You can see why I can't wait to harvest this First Choice corn. It is ready. Les is trading trailers and Brad is putting the final touches on the combine so we can start next week. It won't be too soon for me. I am ready to get on with it.

We will have to watch for field and combine fires. It is tinder dry out there and wouldn't take much to catch a field or machine on fire. What year was it that so many local combines burned? I think it was 08, even Ralph lost his combine and Hugh and many others.

Lots of fun things are going on, the church festival tomorrow, the Highland County Fair starts today and Sabina has their Labor Day Parade Monday. Then, next weekend you have the Corn Festival which is well attended here.

Our email got bought out by Frontier so our became Thursday. I don't care how prepared you are, it is always a pain. Do you realize how many things you have to change to your new address? All the stuff I read and comment on has to be changed, it is going to be awhile for that to happen. So I figure this is a cooling off period Internet wise, I have too many other things to focus on anyhow.

Some of you have been sending out tons of email and one did catch my eye. The new email powerpoint of pictures before and after nine eleven make you think how much the world has changed in one decade. They aren't high quality but they are very poignant. The empty pair of shoes pictures make you realize, poof, one minute and you aren't here anymore.

Where will you be?



  1. Ed, here in my part of Sask. you couldn't start a fire in a crop with a match these days. Ground is like mud even on a sunny day.
    Temp is struggling up to 50 degrees this morning and I would not be surprised to see frost any night now.

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