Friday, September 3, 2010

First Choice

We went to the First Choice Seed Field Day north of Rushville, Indiana, today. It was worth our trip. We talked about all the traits availble to farmers and got to see some really good corn.

We also got to see a farmer harvesting corn and another harvesting beans next to the plot fields. It is really dry in Eastern Indiana, drier than it is here and the crops are all pretty much ready to start harvest.

There is nothing better than good seed sold by honest people. That is why I plant First Choice. This wasn't meant to be an advertizement for their seed but I guess it is.

First Choice is the company formed by Leon Bird and Mark Denzler. They both got big enough it was easier to pool resources than operate as they had. There is power in mergers if it is for the right reason and this one is. As Mark said they have not sold out to be multi national conglomerate though they were both offered good buyouts. They are fiercely independent as Mark said.

I got to thinking about that statement and thought that is what I am, fiercely independent. That could make me hard to work with but I am really soft and an open book until it comes to opening my checkbook. That better be done for real good reasons.

First Choice is a good reason for me. I ordered all my corn seed from them and all my wheat seed. I still like what I have in soybeans but I will definitely try some. I would like to have one good vendor to meet my needs and buy enough from competitors to make sure I am getting the best deal for me.

The meeting was about corn mostly and that is enough to fill a book. Leon brought a big radish planted in July so there were lots of questions on radish as cover crops. That company can fill that niche, too. I like companies that can fill a lot of niches. Mark on the corn and bean side, Leon on the radish and inoculant side. That should work out well.

The wind was pretty strong today off that hurricane. I got home and tested the corn I want to shell and it lost another point in moisture. It is about ready to harvest.

Good trip, great field day.

Ed Winkle

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