Thursday, September 9, 2010

Beautiful Day

I see that our daughter Becky wrote "It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood" on facebook 12 hours ago. Yes it is. It truly is.

That storm cleared the air and the dust off the plants and the air is clear and crisp like fall. I was surprised to see there were trees down just a few miles north of us.

We can't believe we made our fourth trip to the Highland County Fair or watched the junior fair pig sale for an hour. It's just been that kind of a week.

I can't believe I missed the Ohio NoTill Field Day yesterday, either. Once I had made my doctor appointment I wasn't going to miss it but I really didn't learn a thing I didn't already know. I could have been in West Manchester and saw this.

My arm still hurts and I still have to use the ice bag to deaden pain. These old joints and connectors are worn after 60 years. And yes I am thankful to have them for 60 years. How about another 20?

I would like to raise another 20 crops if I have it left in me. I live for the seasons, the cropping seasons. It is almost time to collect checks and headaches faster than you can count them. I just hope the checks total more than the bills and the satisfaction overrides the pain. That's life and that's business.

Tonight is my good friends Pioneer Field Day. Great food and fellowship is guaranteed. We will have to do our walking there. First, I need to walk more fields of soybeans for shipment to Japan today and make sure they are suitable.

That grain cart and wagon would really help collect the grain we are expecting this fall but it isn't in the budget. Hopefully the headaches won't come from breakdowns.

I got a nice email from one of our readers who backpacks with another reader. They went to Colorado last week. I never knew that. What a small world and we share ideas right here.

Here is a toast with a fuel sipping hybrid for all of you.


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