Friday, September 17, 2010

Shelling corn

This the earliest I ever remember shelling corn. This corn came out of the field at 17% moisture and the market pays for 15% corn. This moisture is perfect for me because it shells clean but there is little loss. Corn went up another 17 cents today, that demand market story is in place. The corn looks like gold coming out the auger and this price backs it up.

This is an old hybrid on a new farm. We planted earlier corn early so we could harvest early. I doubted myself if was the right thing to do but I think it was. I don't know what hybrid would make any better corn any earlier. It looks like everything is ripening at the same time so it will be race from one field to the next.

I turned the corner at Doak Road this evening and the 4.1 soybeans had turned golden brown today. The leaves are off and it is ready to harvest, too. When you make that turn, the farm lays uphill to the left and I can see what everything looks like. It looked good. That is very early for a full season soybean variety. Everything is 2 weeks ahead, I wonder what the winter will be like?

It is so dry we will have to watch for field and combine fires. It wouldn't take much to start one and the threshing components work hard.

We are very blessed to have all of this, yet it is challenging to keep it in place. It just doesn't happen by itself, timing is everything.

What were you up to today?


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