Sunday, August 8, 2010

Wind Farm

We stopped to get a few pictures of a dairy farm that added a wind farm. You can't miss this wind farm if you are travelling east on 20A out of East Aurora, New York.

I heard a price of $6000 income per tower per year. That is a pretty nice farm addition. But then all the neighbors would be jealous, they would call you rich and start stories about how the blades kill birds, the noise and glare is terrible, it shortens people's lives and so on.

There are some interesting "facts" on wind energy, both pro and con. One website was listed on a sign just down the road from this tower so we figured it was one of those jealous neighbors.

The little CyberShot takes nice videos for use like this blog and I took a couple of short ones you can view at

I should take more video clips because it takes good clips and people enjoy seeing them. We do get around a bit and get some unique views from a farmer that is rarely seen in today's myriad of communication.

I am all for wind energy. It can't solve all our problems but it is a no brainer. The payout is quick. I think the towers are beautiful and graceful but no I do not live there. LuAnn's mom does and she likes them so that is good enough for me.

I am also pro biofuels and hope the government comes out soon with an E-15 mandate. You make the laws and we will grow the corn. And yes the livestock industry will survive.

This isn't rocket science, people.



  1. Yes, the wind is 'free energy' after you have paid the initial price of the wind mills. A couple of them have sprung up in this area over the winter. One actually was blown down by a day of extreme winds this spring. Hope the warranty covers that one.

  2. As you know Ralph nothing is free, some things just work out better than others. This location makes perfect sense where the picture was taken and the payback will be quick if not already there.

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