Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Dog Days

Are these the dog days of summer? I have heard the crickets and cicadas for sometime now. The wildlife population must be maxed out, starting to see more fat racoons and skunks on the highway. Some skunks look like big porcupines!

The deer are really plentiful again so we are going to have to watch our driving this fall. There is a new big buck on the block and that guy is massive. LuAnn pointed it out late one evening to a visitor and he just looked in awe. I don't think he ever saw a buck that large.

This buck is so big you can see him easily grazing on the beans by the creek from our quarter mile vantage point at the house. There there are those smaller does everywhere. About half the heard seemed to be twins this summer so there are a lot of deer out there. It must have been a great year for a new crop of deer and other wildlife.

I wish LuAnn had a got a shot off the eight big coons wandering out of the grain bin setup. I haven't had time to look or do anything about them. I am more concerned about getting the unloading auger repaired and a new motor on another auger and getting all the wiring up to snuff. The guy who rewired the bins didn't finish his job.

We need to really clean out those bins and suck up all the excess kernals and dust for the new crop. That requires renting a grain vac and the dirty job of operating it. Now that would make Mike Rowe's World's Dirtiest Jobs, vaccuming out grain bins!

Have a good Tuesday, we will hopefully.


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