Friday, August 27, 2010

Pretty Day

It is a pretty day for a walk in the woods or whatever you are doing. It's a great day to work outside and too nice to be inside. Most of my work is inside because I have been neglecting it.

I read Mike Bumpus' blog about his pile of office work and it reminded me of me and a lot of farmers I know. The worst part of farming is paperwork.

NRCS called and I had to go to the county seat and sign yet another form. I can see why farmers don't want the government involved in farming. It is just too tedious. It seems we create more jobs than fix problems we have. The beauracracy in this country is deep and huge.

Right now the biggest fix in agriculture around here would be a good rain. We haven't had one in weeks. It would be the million dollar rain and no doubt a multi million dollar rain. We don't need higher prices right now, we need more crop to sell at the levels we have.

Our corn crop is made and it is what it is but the beans have plenty of room to fill. Farmers normally plant 110 corn here and plant it first and most of the beans take 130-140 days to fill and usually planter last or at least a little later so a good rain would really increase their yield.

A pretty day like today wouldn't be ruined with a good rain. It might for you but not for those who produce your food.



  1. I think government mandated paperwork is the bane of anyone in business. Back when I had a small sawmill business and Christmas tree farm, there were 17 taxes, fees or licenses that I had to collect, pay or find some legal way to avoid. And those were just the direct ones that I knew about. I even had to pay them $900 to tell me that my part-time mill operation, sitting in the middle of a hilltop meadow, posed no threat of stream contamination. Funny thing, I told them that in the beginning and didn't charge them a thing.

  2. No wonder the timber industry is in a mess! The worst problem is that is just one good example of what a mess the whole thing is in! I would like eliminate all laws except the Constitution and start over.