Friday, August 6, 2010


The crop markets have been a ball of fire this week. Wheat got so high merchants quit bidding or putting on a huge basis difference which says we don't want your business right now until this thing settles down.

I got a good forward contract so I am planting wheat again this fall. The crops will come out early and maybe, just maybe we can get it planted in good time this year. Last year wheat was late and an afterthought if you got any planted.

Wheat fits well in my rotation to improve the soil, control the bests and spread the labor and marketing out. I love mulching down wheat straw into improved soil with fertilizer and cover crops. So, here we go again!

I have got the seed and seed treatment on line and ready to pay for it and take delivery when it is ready. The drill needs new gauge wheel tires so that needs to be addressed, also. The combine has to be able to spread the corn and soybean residue evenly regardless of the crop following it and that is really true with wheat.

I have a fence row I want to take out and a tile to put in and some land to shape for drainage. 200 acres needs a ton of high calcium lime and I have started that process, too.

The corn crop gets a little smaller each day in this heat and is leaning towards light and fluffy kernals which means lower test weight and a bigger challenge to harvest.

Chicago has caught up to this reality so the markets have been busy this week.

So have we.



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  3. Anyone know how to hot link that link on Google comments? I despise cold links, like you I rarely cut and paste. This is an interesting take on the Russian ban on grain exports from one of my charismatic Christian clients.