Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Boy Who Changed The World

Today's blog is dedicated to a boy who changed the world. Our good friend Randy passed away after an operation Thursday. The family friends and neighbors are shocked, saddened and traumatized.
Randy was one of those really good people who helped anyone and everyone. LuAnn got to know him in her work at Turning Point and we boarded Sable with him and Shana.
He taught Sable a lot and Randy she almost heels when you put her on the leash now and does better after you get some of her powerful German Shepherd energy out. Randy used the German word kanoie to make her heal by our side. I had never heard that word and will never forget it or Randy.
The visitation was happy and sad. Happy because of all the good work he did and sad because we wanted him around awhile longer, a whole lot longer.
I stopped at a local quick stop where the sign read Randy Reffitt was everyone's friend. He sure was that and more to us and Sable. When I paid at the counter I made a comment about the sign and the young man told me about his underage drinking escapade where Randy brought him home for his family to deal with him instead of going through the courts. He was that kind of guy and the young man wasn't ashamed to tell his story.
I felt bad for his older children, they just looked lost. No words could console them. Shana asked LuAnn if Sable could still come visit and she looked at Shana and said you can have her to keep. LuAnn was serious. Anything we could do to make that young wife's transition without her husband would be worth it. No words can console like an action of love.
I don't know how she will do it or how any of you go on without that special someone in your life. I saw my friend who lost his dad last week and he is still hurting and lost and breaks to tears just talking about his dad.
Randy changed the world one person and one good deed at a time. He wasn't the famous Norman Borlaug who is credited for saving billions of lives with his genetic findings. If you can help just one person, it is worth it. I would like to think he was just like you and I.
Randy changed the world one person at a time and so can you and I. This blog is for LuAnn's online friend Turkey Feather and all of the unknown readers out there I don't know and haven't met. I get healing and a good feeling sharing what I know and what I am thinking so here's to all of you today.
Go out and help someone this week and when they thank you just say this was for Randy.
May you rest in peace,
Ed Winkle

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