Saturday, August 28, 2010

Bats to cell phones

I was on the patio last night waiting for the International Space Station to orbit around our part of the earth. About that time the bats came out, all 17 of them. They are huge! We don't have bats in our belfrey but we do have them behind the chimney!

I did the unthinkable this week. I accidentally ran my cell phone through the washing machine, tucked away in my jeans pocket. I haven't done that in years. LuAnn asked what that thud was in the dryer and yep it was my cell phone!

Oh no! Panic! All my contacts are on there and I will soon need all those truck driver's phone numbers! Thank God we took out insurance the last time I pulled this trick and I had the same phone back thanks to Assurion of Smyrna, Tennessee the next day. The old phone worked well enough to transfer the contacts to the new one. Whew!

It cost me $50 deductible and it costs another $25 if you don't mail the old phone back in the paid mailer. I did that yesterday. This phone holds a charge even longer than the old phone and that phone held a charge better than any I have owned. The old battery must have been going south. The phone is the Motorola Contractor's Grade and has been pretty indestructible for me.

It has been dropped at 30 MPH, ran over, rained on and still worked. But the washing machine took care of the screen. The phone still worked and it answered! The new washing machine uses lots less water so that was part of it, but still...

Cell phones in schools are in the news, guess they have to have something to write about. All of our kids got through school without a cell phone and they turned out just fine.

Imagine that!


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