Friday, May 14, 2010

Things aren't what they used to be. Will they ever be the same? It seems to me since the market crash, people are grumpier and you have to watch what you say.
People are fed up with other people whether they are online or work for the government. Actually, neighbors seem more friendly.
Do we take our anger out on people we don't have to put up with each day?
I guess things are just unsettled. I wonder if they will ever be settled. It doesn't look like it in the near future. I get the most joy from family, friends and church. That's a bold statement where I need to spend my time, isn't it?
To lighten up a bit, the weather is the main topic for farmers and that is where I spend most of my time. I called the crop insurance adjustor to get another view of my corn crop. You can see from yesterday's post that the days to plant, not listed, came in chunks. Even if you hit some good days, the weather since then is not favorable for growth.
LuAnn keeps praising me on the garden but it looks like some of the fields, it is uneven and not growing right. I have to have the faith it will get better but it is what it is. It is uneven. I have replanted many rows and the beans never came up. Yet the soybeans right beside it planted on a different day came right up. It's that kind of a year.
The market highs are still there from January, way before it was time to plant. I have no idea whether the market will return with a "weather bubble" or we watched the best prices of the year go right on by. I had all those dreams where to spend the extra money I thought I might get.
Kind of like people's attitudes. Here and there and everywhere.
Will it even out?

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