Friday, May 21, 2010

Grow Communities

Monsanto Corporation has a new program where you can nominate a community organization of your choice. You don't have to buy anything to enter and the organization could get $2500. I chose the local FFA chapter of course but you could nominate a 4-H group or quilt block group or anything you chose that helps your community grow.

Take some time and enter today or this weekend. We have so many deserving organizations in Clinton County it is difficult to pick just one. The organization has to been in the county of your address so those of us who farm in other counties or live near a county line, it is more difficult to choose one.

Speaking of Monsanto, one of the children called and asked me about the video Food, Inc. Her and her husband watched it and she had questions. I answered them as scientifically and non-biased as I could. Basically, many people are still afraid of genetically modified food by gene insertion because they don't understand the risks. Most science says it is OK or we are not sure yet. 85% of American corn or soybean crops are now GMO.

I wonder how many people who don't trust the food believe in birth control, prochoice and a host of other alternatives? It is a huge political division and most everyone has a viewpoint but some just don't care.

It rained again so we can't plant or spray. My beans have weeds and some bean leaf beetles and my wheat has cereal leaf beetle. I have corn to replant and some weeds in one of those fields and a schedule that just won't quit. Farming in a year like this is really challenging but you look around and see people worse off than you are. Some farmers have had it worse than I have.

We have friends and family with problems too. We pray over it and help where we can. One is having surgery, one is having problems with children, many have health factors like high blood pressure or diabetes or depression. Everyone has a problem but too many can tip the ship. Keep your ship balanced.

We can grow our little community of family, friends and neighbors and we don't need a gift of $2500 to do it. Money helps, but it is not the answer. That gift would be great but there is nothing like the gift of love, health, help and thoughtfulness.

We have got to tackle the old barn before the quilt barn tour June 12-13. I know what I want to do now, just have to get the neighbor boys to help get it done. Mowing, spraying and cleaning around here just never ends!

That's it for today. Hope it is a good one for you and a great weekend. Looks like summer is coming next week!


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