Sunday, May 16, 2010


I don't like signs. They clutter up the landscape. The prettiest state we have been in is Oregon where they really limit signs. The big highway with the famous dead man's curve we drove on a few years ago practically has no signs posted on it. There are a few road signs and that is it.

I have to go down 28 and take down Dave Daniels political signs. I let him put signs up but he never came to take them down. That's rude. Susan Armstrong came and picked up Wanda's signs the next day. They are the only two candidates that I allowed to put up signage. In fact I invited them both.

I don't allow signs on our property unless they ask first. By law we own to the center of the highway and I like our property clean. That is my responsibility. The county and state used to keep it mowed nicely but with the hard times, they have mowed only one time and with all the rain the roadside got quite tall and grassy. I haven't put the bush hog on the tractor yet.

One person kept putting up Stewart signs. They are in my barn if you want them. They are going in the trash this week. He never asked and I would have said NO if they did ask because I didn't support his campaign for commissioner. He got voted off once and then weazeled his way back when no one ran against him. I don't think he will ever get back on now so he won't need those signs. I have a nice collection of real estate signs, too.

I can scrap the wires the modern day election signs are made of. Just one big wire bent twice to make a two legged sign. Plastic or cardboard slips over the square it makes. Lots of them blow off or become damaged in the wind and rain during the course of an election. I throw them away if the campaign doesn't keep them up. Armstrong kept theirs up. Daniel's signs are all beat up so I suppose they hung them once and forgot them.

Sign, sign, everywhere a sign, blockin' up the scenery, breakin' my mind. Do this, do that, can't you read the sign?

I don't like signs unless I am looking for a turn or an address. Bad curve ahead signs are real handy. GPS has lessened the need for all these signs.

This is God's farm and we are just temporary caretakers.


PS Jim Chakeres has a good article on egg farms in today's New's Journal.


  1. "I let him put signs up but he never came to take them down."

    Bet he doesn't get the privilege next time!

  2. So there was this big controversy in the next town over. Some conservative rich fellow put up some huge billboards with inspirational slogans on them. So the local newspaper does a story. They interview like the dean of education at Linfield College in town. She objects to one sign which shows a protester standing in front of a tank. She say's it is kind of "warlike." Yeah it is only one of the defining moments of the 20th century...
    But that is Oregon for you. Lets all go out and hug a $%^&*ing tree...

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  4. I meant to say Oregon is a nice place to visit but YOU live there. You know your state a lot better than I do.