Monday, May 24, 2010

May Monday

One more Monday in May. Memorial Day. Decoration Day it was known as here when we decorated graves and everyone marched to the cemetery to honor the soldiers and our loved ones.
The older you get the more people you know there. I have a visitation for a 56 year old friend who passed away Thursday. What if that was our last day? I wouldn't be writing this, for one.
It seems like so many have died this past two years. I know a lot of people but if you live long enough, you get the chance to honor them. I guess I am happy to be in that category.
On a more lively note, you can see the drill kind of spewed soybeans here and there in places but they are good if we can get the weeds killed this week. Sable likes to show off while I am looking so she is jumping in the Golden Delicious tree, running out the birds. So many bugs are out now that she is snapping at something all the time. She can wear you out watching her.
Maybe this week we can kind of put the crop to rest for awhile so we can focus on other things. Life is fast enough and it just speeds up when your work is outdoors and it's good weather. Looks like a high of 85 all week, going to get hot to sleep upstairs. The full moon is coming again so the critters howled all night though I didn't hear them.
The humidity will stay high, too after all this rain. It has hovered between 50-90% for weeks and around 75% this morning. That's pretty typical here. I bought a new AccuRite gauge to measure humidity. Hay Wilson would use it for hay conditions, for me it is grain bin moisture.
My to do list is long again this week. I am sure yours is too.
We need a good week so we can take Memorial Day off but we well could be still planting. I know some farmers will be.


  1. It is still raining here! Don't think it will ever stop!

  2. OK, it won't let me space between paragraphs again. Anyone have a clue what is going on or where to look? Budde, I hope you get sunshine soon.

  3. I told my wife recently, that there are more people I'm close too already in the next life than are left in this one. If it weren't for all the unsaved losing any possible chance of coming around, I'd be content to have the Lord come now. Until I pass,or He comes, I guess I'll just keep remembering and sometimes visiting my friends and relatives in the cemeteries.

  4. That is uncanny. I know EXACTLY what you mean.