Sunday, May 23, 2010


On the left is a field before the rain, the center after the rain, the right shows the rain gauge. What a mess.
Some have it worse so I better not complain.
That was quite a storm that blew through here, heard a funnel did touch down near Buford and trees were down and roofs were off.
We had that Good Friday 2006 so we did miss that this time.
It is time to to start scouting but we still have beans to plant, weeds to spray and corn to spot in.
A week from tomorrow is Memorial Day! That reminds me I need to decorate the graves and mow them.
Now is prime time to pull flag leaves on cereal grains for tissue testing. The crop looks pretty good but the nutrient balance will give me a clue what to do this fall and next spring.
Then corn and soybeans will need to be tested for nutrient balance. This has been a key to my agronomic practices so I have to get it done. I may have to hire help again this year, it is a big enough job just to coordinate the pulling, labeling and mailing of samples.
I scouted 35 miles long yesterday west to east and the rain varied from less than an inch to over 3-4 inches. That will make a big difference on the mix of things and how fields turn out and need to be managed.
I can't even keep the grass mowed but today we are going to a big graduation party where they will have 5 gallons of gumbo, prime rib and all the trimmings. Just what my stomach needs!
The sun is out and it is going to get hot this week. I hope we don't get plant scald. At least all the Cereal Leaf Beetle larvae drowned.


  1. I am having problems with formatting, it keeps single spacing the text? Anyone have ideas? I have this or double space too often before or after pictures. Thanks!

  2. I can't say I wish we had your extreme brand of weather but I wouldn't mind getting rid of the Cereal Leaf Beetles. Haven't had to spray yet but I fear that we will in coming weeks. Luckily the cold, rainy spring has kept populations far.

  3. Hi Orin! Think about you guys all the time. Love to go back and look at the pictures and talk about our experience. Keep an eye on those beetles and don't forget to tissue test.