Monday, May 3, 2010

Ivy Tech

New Ivy Tech Greenhouse To Provide "New Focus In Agriculture."

WTHI-TV Terre Haute, IN (4/30, Santucci) reported, "The Wabash Valley campus of Ivy Tech Community College is adding a climate controlled greenhouse" which "can be used to learn about soil fertility and crop production." In addition, "the greenhouse can be expanded in the future for additional instructional and lab space."

Professor and program chairman John Rosene "said that while the greenhouse will provide students with lab materials needed to study agricultural production, it will provide a new focus in agriculture," the Terre Haute Tribune Star (5/1, Greninger) reported. Rosene said, "What we are really excited about is the greenhouse will allow us to focus on different kinds of green industries, not just corn and soybean farming, but we are hoping it attracts those folks who want to go out and start a landscaping business, start a lawn-mowing business or start a landscape-maintenance type of a business." He added, "We are looking at this greenhouse as an opportunity to really expand and diversify the program away from strictly traditional agriculture into some of the smaller niche markets, where I think we really need to look. If we are interested in maintaining agriculture as a viable industry, we need to diversify."

I think this is a good investment for them. I hope it helps train more of these bright young people we have coming through our ranks.

There is a video you can view if you click on the first link to the story.

I just got back from our county seat of Wilmington and noticed less water standing the farther you drive from Martinsville. We must have been on the last tip of the major storm. Everyone will be comparing rain amounts today and looking at fields as they dry up.

My neice had 2 foot of water in her basement, yuck! I hope Joshua didn't try swimming! I bet lots of others had water in unwanted places, too.

I have to get to the post office and mail some more tillage radish seed and T-22 inoculant to my friend and follower in Oregon. Got the BC-806 sweet corn seed Brian, what exactly is it? Hopefully will get it planted before too late but it is really wet in southern Ohio. I would recommend seed exchanges to my readers, it is fun!

It was good to see Liam and Caoilin yesterday, we had our "secret time" followed with a berry fest in the kitchen. Liam and I love berries. Frozen blueberries that make your teeth hurt, black raspberries and strawberries from Driscoll's, and a banana for little Caoilin. Yum!

Had to check the machinery shed too, Liam counted six tractors in there and of course he had to try them out!

Have a great day,

Ed Winkle

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