Sunday, March 28, 2010


March is going out like a lion. It has been roaring in our windows the last two days.

People seem itchy about this weather, I know I am. I guess we just want spring to be here. The grass is going to be tall again when I get to it. It is so wet, I don't even like walking across it.

April is here this week. I planted notill corn on April 6, 2005? That was a beautiful week of weather, it could be this year too but I won't be planting notill corn. It is just too wet. I am sure the sump pump has not shut off the past two weeks. The creeks are full, not like 2005.

Sable has been a little edgy too. Dogs know these conditions way before we do.

Dear Friend Pastor Fred Shaw, Neeake sent this to us yesterday:

I was photographing cheetahs running and playing for a child's book a few years ago, when Kathleen Stewart of Ancient Voices Productions commented it was a shame that my people (Shawnee) couldn't have had a story about cheetahs. I replied, "Well, we're not dead yet."

I discovered that the cheetah originated on the North American continent. The result was a story about the creation of the cheetah. That led to my creating a story board with more of my photographs and a film by Pat Story of Ancient Voices. "The Running Wind" video went to the Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival, but didn't win since it is not "science." However, it had a wonderful impact.

Ancient voices hopes that by placing it on the Internet many will better understand and appreciate the beauty of this wondrous creature through it. You can see the film at I like the video and want to show it to the grandchildren.


Fred Neeake

One time I got him to do a men's retreat at the 4-H camp near Clarksville. He was dressed in his Shawnee attire. He told us he had to get ready and then he was gone in the woods. Some time passed by and suddenly he blew his old animal horn behind the trees and that shot shivers up white man spines.

Our people may have won the battle but his people is winning the war.

Fred has proved we can live and work together.
When this kind of weather blows through I try to picture how his people survived in this cold, desolate place that can be.
Have a great Sunday, the weather people are predicting 70 by the new month!
Ed Winkle


  1. Ed I wonder the same thing here in Sask. , how the nomadic tribes survived these winters without the shelter and central heating we have now. Even my grandfather had a log shack with wood stove.

  2. I think this shows we come from very tough people who survived! Your grandfather got tired of being cold! And we think our inventions are so great!