Thursday, March 18, 2010

Brackets, Blogs and Business

Do you have your NCAA brackets filled out? I know not everyone does but even the president did his live on ESPN today. I guess that is more important right now than the business at hand. He must have the votes for his health care or knows he can't do anything about it.

I like reading and writing blogs. Have you dug back and found my best blogs? I have some that really stand out, like anyone's writing, I guess. People ask me all the time about subjects I have already commented on here.

Have you read my blog reading list? From Kelly and Paul in Illinois, to the Blog Fathers in Cincinnati, to Nancy's blog in Louisville and from all over the land, including Canada, I like to see what others are doing and saying. Budde Shepherd is a good read for anyone, especially farmers and he has been a great help to me.

My big business decision now is to decide whether to keep my wheat or barley or kill it for a good cover crop and plant a full season crop. I can sell fall soybeans right now near $9 and many think it won't be that high at harvest.

I need to make a decision as soon as I determine the final stand before Feeke's growth stage 6. That will be late this year, at least the end of April but the quicker you decide and kill the plants already out there, the easier it is to kill.

Kill a good crop, are you crazy? No, farmers do it all the time and that is the advantage of planting a crop in the fall. You hold the soil and pick up nutrients that can be released now.

I don't think that will happen with wheat near $5 per bushel and with the stand I think I have but I will know better next week. Still, I have the option of going to a full season crop. The wheat fits better in our rotation and spreads our workload out which is becoming an important consideration, especially in years like these.

Kansas is the most popular pick for the tournament, wheat is the most popular pick for my crop and I don't know if the government will force a health care package down our throat or not.

Maybe blogging is the safest bet today.


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  1. I wrote two blogs that was not saved by Google. Thank you Google. Not. This was one of those. On my home computer I write and save. On LuAnn's Neovo, not. I don't like that Home Edition number 7. It is not lucky for me!