Monday, March 15, 2010


Grandchildren may be God's greatest creation.

Grandparents are old enough and hopefully wise enough to give the little guys the perspective we never had time for as parents.

Sorry, children, we were busy raising you and making a living.

Now we have some breathing space and can really look at the little ones in our farm in a whole new light. Not that we don't love you but now we have time to give your children things you can't give them.

How many people you know who just adore and respect their grandparents? I can think of many right of the top of my head. There arandsons who get along with their grandad better then their own dad and I can thing of many women who had a very special relationship with a grandmother. That is really cool.

But yet many people don't have that and it is another sorespot in family life. I never had it with any of my grandparents. I don't resent that I didn't but I am sure not missing this opportunity with my grandchildren.

My clock from yesterday just lost an hour and those little guys are changing between each time I see them. Those three babies from 2009? You ought to see them now! They are forming their personalities.

I praise all the children, I think they are doing a great job raising their children, probably better than I did but I sure tried. The success and respect they all have makes my buttons burst a little bit.

I sure love kids and intend to continue to be one when its time to have a little fun with the third generation...


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  1. It nice to look at all those grandchildren and see your own children again. I got to know 3 of my grandparents and 2 great grandparents. But the one we never got to meet at all is the one I would have loved to met and got to know. The bad thing is that like their parents are growing up to fast.