Sunday, March 21, 2010

Found In Farmer's Fields

We have all found things in our fields. Arrowheads, balloons from parties, old horseshoes, all kinds of metal and other objects. The worst I ever had was a rabid skunk following me across the field.

One of my friends found an odd object in his field, an airplane. He lives near Mr. Lane's airport north of Lebanon and an experimental plane didn't make it but the pilot was lucky to land it in my friend's field.

"We had a little excitement here at the farm yesterday morning. A plane lost oil pressure causing the engine to lock up so the pilot was trying to land in the back hay field. He went under the phone and power wires but caught the fence between the pasture and the hay field. If not for the fence the plane would have probably been undamaged. The pilot was unhurt and he and several other people had the wings off and hauled away in just a few hours. The pilot was from Cincinnati and flew out of the Warren County Airport."

I would say that pilot was skilled but very lucky.
If a balloonist landed in our fields and offered the toast, we would enjoy it. The air traffic above our fields now is unbelieveable.

We find the oddest things in our fields but this takes the cake!


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