Saturday, March 20, 2010

Growing Kids

I have been thinking about the grandkids all week since Becky announced the coming birth of our eighth grandchild.

Farmers always say that kids are the best crop you will ever grow. I sure agree. Children are our future and I have always been a "big kid."

Helping a child learn and grow and find what they are best suited for is the biggest challenge I have ever undertaken as a parent, teacher, schoolboard member and now grandpa.

The oldest grandchildren are doing well in their progression in life. You can see their traits coming out. You can even see some in the little ones but you never know how they will work out. It takes a good support system to help them achieve their part in the chain of life.

I wonder if they will all graduate from college? We all know not everyone is best suited for college but that diploma runs strong in our family and everything learned to achieve it is used in some good way.

I can see Madison teaching like her dad or working in business like her mom. She is curious and a good leader. She is a really good oldest grandchild. Liam loves music and speaks in big sentences with his musical voice. Corbin could be the tractor cowboy with my love of machinery that runs through his background.

Brynn is a little big eyed actor and is really forming her personality. She has left the terrible two's and seems to be happy all the time. I am sure she as her moments as we all do. Claire could be anything, it will be interesting to see how she progresses. Tyler is athletic and into everything, Caolin is a very happy baby and observes everything you do.

They are all so young, they have a lot of growing to do. Who knows, I don't know what they will do but you can see the pathways forming. That is the fun part of life. Once you get there, there is so much to do in that path you are in.

I wish them all well always and will do everything in my power to help as will their whole support group of family and friends.

How is your "crop" growing?


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